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issue with -g flag compiler option of clBuildProgram

Question asked by gopal_hc on Aug 23, 2013



To debug my OpenCL kernel,

I used "Debugging CPU Kernels with GDB" method as explained in OpenCL Programming Guide book by making two changes in the program

1.  CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU to CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU to ensure that program is executed on CPU.

2.  compiled the kernel by setting compiler option parameter of clBuildProgram() as option="-g -O0".


Debugging went successfully on CPU and i got correct result as well.

After changing the device type from CPU to GPU, my result was still correct.

But when i changed the compiler option=NULL and device type was even GPU, I got wrong result for fewer inputs. Again when I set the compiler option="-g -O0" and device type was GPU, i got the correct result for all the input.


So I want to know,

1.  what actually happens when OpenCL kernels are built with -g option?

2.  Why I am getting wrong results for fewer inputs when i remove -g option from clBuildProgram?


Thanks !!