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    Unable to profile JavaCL application using CodeXL 1.2.3897.0


      Just downloaded CodeXL 1.2 to profile one of my JavaCL applications.  If I use the profiling mode "CPU: Time-based Sampling" then my app runs correctly and and I get CPU profiling results showing the time taken by Java functions.  Switching to the modes "GPU: Application Trace" or "GPU: Performance Counters" results in my application hanging somewhere during Java's initialisation it seems.  I am using this JavaCL snapshot: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/groups/public/com/nativelibs4java/javacl/1.0-SNAPSHOT/javacl-1.0-20130729.235731-68-shaded.jar.


      My environment: Windows 7 64-bit, AMD Radeon HD7970, tried Catalyst 12.6 (will try 13.8-beta as soon as it finishes installing).  Is CodeXL capable of profiling programs that use JavaCL?


      Thanks for the assistance.