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      we are trying to create video wall of 3x3 configuration using one W600 card .


      what we have done is we have connected 6 outputs of w600 to 6 monitors and we get 3x2 config; Can we extent the display to next three monitors using inbuilt cascading option of monitor which is dvi looping.


      or can any body help to configure 3x3 matrix by using one w600.

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          I don't think there is a good way to get a 3x3 configuration with a W600. The W600 supports up to 6 displays. Using DisplayPort MST to daisy chain multiple displays does not help since the maximum number of supported displays is still 6. Each output can have a resolution up to 4096x2160. You might work with video splitters to drive 2 displays with one connection. The problem I see is that you would need vertical splitting in order to get a 3x3 configuration. I am not sure if this is a good option and if a vertical resolution of 2160 will be enough for your use case.



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              hi Chris ,


              thanks for your reply and solution  we are looking for is to run digital signage software on full screen or you can say we need desktop on full screen 3 x 3; also Resolution of 2160 x 5760 is good enough for us.


              can you tell me how to connect splitter to achieve 3 x 3 configuration  and suggested splitter model.