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    AMD open sourcing APPML and creating clMath projects on GitHub


      APPML Community~


      I am excited to announce to you that we are open sourcing our BLAS and FFT math libraries, which were previously collectively called APPML.  In close collaboration with our Accelereyes partners, we are renaming the open source projects as 'clMath' and making the code available on GitHub.  I have posted a blog AMD releases APPML source code, creates clMath library which describes the AMD announcement, and Accelereyes has posted a corresponding blog clMath: An Open Source BLAS and FFT Library for OpenCL.


      In addition to this forum which will remain available for users and developers alike, we've created new mailing lists for the clMath community.  If you are interested in participating, please check out these google groups

      clMath Google Group - group whose intent is to focus on users of the library

      clMath Developers Google Group - group whose intent is to focus on developers interested in contributing to the library code itself


      Thank you for your interest; we look forward to working with you!


      Kent Knox