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Rendering issues (related to motion blur?) in TF2/Linux (13.4 and 13.6 beta)

Question asked by gmjck on Aug 6, 2013

Seeing some odd rendering bugs in TF2 under Linux that appear to be related to motion blur.


With Motion Blur turned on: Intermittently the entire screen will go blurry. Typically this lasts for a minute or two, then reverts to normal, then blurry again. One thing that seems to trigger the blurriness is when the blue outline around certain game objects (cart in payload, bomb carrier in MvM) -- the outline that appears as an overlay, so you can see it behind occluding objects -- is in motion. But that's not the only trigger.


With Motion Blur turned off: Never see the full screen blurring, but then there's another issue with the blue outline. Intermittently (but frequently) there's an issue with redraw. Look at the outlined object, move the mouse, and the blue outline streaks across the screen, until the screen fills up with semi-transparent blue.


More info and some screenshots of both issues over at [TF2] [Linux] Intermittent blurring of entire screen · Issue #1127 · ValveSoftware/Source-1-Games · GitHub


Running Linux Mint 15 x64 w/ HD 6870. Seen both issues with Catalyst 13.4 (current setup) and the 13.6 beta (previous setup).


Edit: Updated drivers to 13.8 beta last night. Put in several hours of Payload and MvM. Primarily played with Motion Blur on; never saw the whole-screen blur issue. Played a little bit with Motion Blur off; never saw the screen-fills-with-blue issue. Hopefully this is now resolved.