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Code XL feature request: formatting of GPU perf counters table

Question asked by Ziple on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by dorono

Hello AMD people,


I'd like first to tell you how thankful I'm toward you for providing such a nice tool like CodeXL .

Besides the lack of Direct3D/Compute support that I'm pretty sure you are working on, I'd like to make you notice that reading the results of a GPU performance counters profiling sessions is really hard (and tiring, and painful, and whatever you want). The faulty widget, is the one pictured in the joint image, with rows, but no column.

It would be pretty nice to have one column for each information/performance indicator...


Maybe it's just a bug, rather than a missing feature. I'm using CodeXL either as a standalone application or with Visual Studio 2012 ultimate on Win7 with an AMD HD5470M.