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    device ID


      Hi. Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Russia.

      How can I find a real version of the video card?


      This http://developer.amd.com/resources/hardware-drivers/ati-catalyst-pc-vendor-id-1002-li/ article not help me.

      device id from PIC\ven provide only series(AMD Radeon HD XXXX Series).

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          It's more complicated, but you can get the exact video card name with ADL.

          Or with OpenCL you can get the chip's name (eg. 'Tahiti').


          With ADL you have to initialize with




          And you can get the number of devices with  ADL_Adapter_NumberOfAdapters_Get

          Then finally you can get the info for all the devices with ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get.

          The strAdapterName field will contain correct names, like HD6970 or HD7770. Not just that 'HD7900 series' thing which is rather the name of the driver.