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Random little squares, driver crashing, windows menu decoloration

Question asked by igy on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by igy

Computer: Windows 8 Pro x64 bit, latest Firefox, Thunderbird, latest AMD driver (now 12.6beta), VTX3D HD6870


- random little squares (random while scrolling or opening webpage),

- driver crashing using Mozilla software (Firefox),

- windows menu decoloration (random after using mozilla software or playing game)

These are steps what I do to resolve problem but nothing resolved it , only minimaze problems (this I write that you not to suggest):

A) Firefox
1. disable hardware acceleration in Firefox and Adobe flash menu
2. about config: type: "webgl.disabled" and set to true
3. about config: type: "" and set to false

B) Thunderbird
1. type: "webgl.disabled" and set to true
2. type: "" and set to false

C) AMD driver

1. anti-aliasing mode - override app settings

2. tried drivers from 12.10 - 13.6beta2 (reinstallation with cleaning registry)


D) Windows

1. refreshing Windows 8


I saw that many people have this problem and wonder why it didn't fixed. What is a problem? Any idea, suggestions?