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Opencl code hangs compiler (code & KA2)

Question asked by soylentgraham on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by pinform

I just re-ordered the members of clScanlineContour (may not be aligned now, I haven't been able to test)

and added Contour.mError += to lots of lines in MakeContoursFromScanlineGroups


Now when I build (either in my app or in KA2) it never finishes (And I can't close KA2 as it's waiting for the build to finish)


any idea why? Just a driver/compiler bug?


Using latest SDK (2.8.1), catalyst control center 13.6 and the 13.6 BETA2 drivers on a ATI Radeon HD 5670




Old clScanlineContour struct;


typedef struct clScanlineContour


  cl_float4 mColour;

  cl_int4 mVertexCount;

  cl_int2 mVertexes[clScanlineContour_MAXVERTS]; // x,y


} clScanlineContour;