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Catalyst Win 8.1 preview driver bug

Question asked by yours3lf on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2014 by yours3lf

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it seems like the driver is doing a glGetActiveUniformBlockName(...) call when there are uniform buffer objects used in a shader, just before the glLinkProgram(...) call would return. Now this causes a GL_INVALID_VALUE error for the glLinkProgram(...) call, because the shader program hasn't been linket before callling glGetActiveUniformBlockName(...).
Removing the glGetActiveUniformBlockName(...) call should solve this problem.
I noticed this issue by getting a GL_INVALID_VALUE error for the glLinkProgram call for no reason. CodeXL showed this by an OpenGL debug message.


AMD A8-4500m Win7/64bit

Catalyst Win 8.1 preview driver (for the GL4.3 support , which is awesome)


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