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Including Extra kernels(user written) in addition to using clAmdBlas kernels.

Question asked by hemantp on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by himanshu.gautam


i am using the clAmdBlas kernels for some matrix computations and they work very well.



1. how do we include extra kernels(.cl) along with code which has already clAmdBlas functions eg.sger.,sgemm etc

     i have attached some code below (is it the right way to do it??) there are errors during executions(build error and clprogrambuildinfo)


2. is it possible to call them(.cl) or kernles that the user creates as neatly as calling sger or sgemm. ?


3. please explain clAmdblasSetup(). i opened the declaration but ..?


4. why do the errors differ if i run the code on eclipse (gibberish) and on direct execution on the terminal?


5. what should i keep in mind when i am trying to include my own kernels along with clAmdBlas kernels?



in the .c file i have used Srnm2 & Sger which work perfectly fine and then i  tried adding a kernel file( that will calculate the norm.

the second part is where there are errors.

also is for calculating norm.


Please Advice


Thank You