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    CodeXL profiling fails with error 0x80070232


      Dear all,


      just installed the latest CodeXL_1.2.2484 RPM in  CentOS 6.4 with AMD Radeon 6770 and Intel Core i7 4770 CPU.


      Profiling the tea-pot example on the GPU works, but CPU profiling gives this error message:


      "The profile data file (/home/myname/.amd/AMD/CodeXL/AMDTTeapot_ProfilerOutput/Jul-22-2013_19-55-30) was unable to be written, there were no data records, was the profiling paused the entire duration? error code 0x80070232"


      Files are however present:


      [Jul-22-2013_19-55-30]$ ls -l

      total 244

      -rw-r--r--. 1  244564 Jul 22 19:55 Jul-22-2013_19-55-30.caperf

      -rw-rw-r--. 1r   1122 Jul 22 19:55 Jul-22-2013_19-55-30.ri

      [elmar@yasara1 Jul-22-2013_19-55-30]$


      I know it's not an AMD CPU, so I expect reduced functionality, but not this error message...?