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    AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series and Blue-Ray playback




      I just wanted to ask about my AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series graphics card.... when I first purchased it, I was able to watch blue ray movies on my computer with my LG BD re-writer and using the Cyberlink Software Suite. As of recent for whatever reason my Cyberlink software says that my Radeon graphics card is not Blue Ray playback compatible... can someone please verify this for me and maybe explain why it's suddenly not working or supporting the playback? Also I do have the latest driver(s) installed. Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks!

      - Carlos C.

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          The HD 6900 series definitely has Blu-ray playback capability.

          Can you tell us what has changed between when you could playback Blu-ray and now?
          Things i am looking for

          1) Monitor connection - HDMI - dvi - vga (any change to wiring)

          2) Power DVD software update?

          3) Catalyst Driver updates?

          4) Are you playing a different disk now compared to before? Have you tried the old disk which worked before?