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about clGetDeviceInfo()

Question asked by kalab1998 on Jul 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by kalab1998

I'm studying OpenCL now. I'd like to program like clinfo command. And I write code as follows on AMDAPP 2.8.1. but this code is wrong running.


Concretely, I get an information when this program call clGetDeviceInfo() on core i5-430UM and no GPU machine at first time,



ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_TYPE, MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)(&msg_uint), &msglen);
printf( "  ret = %d, msg = %d\n", ret, msg_uint);



ret = 0, msg = 2


but I don't get any information and return code -33 when this program call clGetDeviceInfo() at second time.



ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_VENDOR, MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
printf( "  ret = %d, msg = %s\n, ret, msg);



ret = -33, msg = ...(depends memory status)


Please teach me where is my code wrong.


Program Code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>


#ifdef __APPLE__
#include <OpenCL/opencl.h>
#include <CL/cl.h>


#define MAX_MSG_SIZE 256
#define MAX_PLATFORMS 16
#define MAX_DEVICES 256


int main()
  cl_platform_id platform_id[ MAX_PLATFORMS];
  cl_platform_info platform_info;
  cl_uint platforms_num;


  cl_device_id device_id[ MAX_DEVICES];
  cl_uint devices_num;


  cl_uint dummy;
  cl_int ret;
  char msg[ MAX_MSG_SIZE];
  size_t msglen;
  cl_uint msg_uint;
  cl_ulong msg_ulong;
  size_t msg_dim[ MAX_MSG_SIZE];
  ret = clGetPlatformIDs( MAX_PLATFORMS, platform_id, &platforms_num);


  for ( int pf = 0; pf < platforms_num; pf++) {
    printf( "Platform %d:\n", pf);
    ret = clGetPlatformInfo( platform_id[pf], CL_PLATFORM_PROFILE,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
    printf( "  PLATFORM_PROFILE\t%s\n", msg);
    ret = clGetPlatformInfo( platform_id[pf], CL_PLATFORM_VERSION,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
    printf( "  PLATFORM_VERSION\t%s\n", msg);
    ret = clGetPlatformInfo( platform_id[pf], CL_PLATFORM_NAME,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
    printf( "  PLATFORM_NAME\t\t%s\n", msg);
    ret = clGetPlatformInfo( platform_id[pf], CL_PLATFORM_VENDOR,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
    printf( "  PLATFORM_VENDOR\t%s\n", msg);
    ret = clGetPlatformInfo( platform_id[pf], CL_PLATFORM_EXTENSIONS,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
    printf( "  PLATFORM_EXTENTIONS\t%s\n", msg);
    ret = clGetDeviceIDs( platform_id[pf], CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ALL, MAX_DEVICES,
              device_id, &devices_num);


    for ( int dv = 0; dv < devices_num; dv++) {
      printf( "platform %d: device %d:\n", pf, dv);
      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_TYPE,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)(&msg_uint), &msglen);
      printf( "  ret = %d, dvid = %d\n", ret, device_id[dv]);
      printf( "  DEVICE_TYPE\t%d ", msg_uint);
      switch ( msg_uint) {
      case CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU:
    printf( "CPU\n");
      case CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU:
    printf( "GPU\n");
    printf( "ACCELERATOR\n");
    printf( "CUSTOM\n");
    printf( "\n");


      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_VENDOR,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
      printf( "  ret = %d, dvid = %d\n", ret, device_id[dv]);
      printf( "  DEVICE_VENDOR\t%s\n", msg);
      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_NAME,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
      printf( "  DEVICE_NAME\t%s\n", msg);
      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DRIVER_VERSION,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
      printf( "  DRIVER_VERSION\t%s\n", msg);
      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_PROFILE,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
      printf( "  DEVICE_PROFILE\t%s\n", msg);
      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_VERSION,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
      printf( "  DEVICE_VERSION\t%s\n", msg);
      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_OPENCL_C_VERSION,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
      printf( "  DEVICE_OPENCL_C_VERSION\t%s\n", msg);
      ret = clGetDeviceInfo( device_id[dv], CL_DEVICE_EXTENSIONS,
                 MAX_MSG_SIZE, (void*)msg, &msglen);
      printf( "  DEVICE_EXTENSIONS\t%s\n", msg);


    ret = clGetDeviceIDs( platform_id[ pf], CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ALL, 1,
              &device_id, &devices_num);
    ret = clGetDeviceIDs( platform_id[ pf], CL_Device_TYPE_ALL, devices_num,
              &device_id, &dummy);
  return 0;