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CodeXL fails to find AMD OpenCL runtime (among other things)

Question asked by Meteorhead on Jul 11, 2013
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CodeXL hasn't been of much help since it got released, since I haven't seen the debugging part of it work a single time. I reported bugs in the installer, at least those went away, but the bigger problem, that renders the tool useless persists. When I open a project in VS2012 (any project, not just those that I wish to debug) it CodeXL pops up an error message saying: Could not load project file. Jolly good! Who cares? Of course you couldn't find one, because there is no CodeXL project file just yet. However, you shouldn't have touched it anyway, since how on Earth would VS know if this is an OpenCL project, or an ordinary CPU application?


Then, when I would want to do some debugging, it just pops open a command console and closes it immediately. Very informative. The when I would ask it to "Draw step", (I got no idea what that is) it tells me, I have no AMD GPU installed on my system. I say "ahha! That's the problem". I check system info inside CodeXL, and under OpenCL platforms, there is really no AMD platform available, it only sees the Intel runtime installed. I say to myself: maybe they collide in some way, let's uninstall the Intel OpenCL runtime. After that, nothing appears. clinfo.exe reports my AMD platform allright, but CodeXL does not see it. (Boy, what must be going on under the hood if practically ANY command console sees my GPUs, but not the SDK...)


Tested platform: Windows 8 64-bit, VS2012, Catalyst 13.6 Beta 2 (?)


Beta 2 is it? I had serious compiler issues (which I will report in the OpenCL section of Places) so I tried to revert my Beta 1 driver to 13.4. I used the Catalyst Uninstall-tool provided by AMD. It wrecked my computer real nice, since it did uninstall everything that was AMD, but even many Bluetooth drivers (they have nothing to do with each other, my notebook is an Intel platform), and all installers failed to install the HDMI Audio and Display Driver modules. AWESOME! System restore to the rescue!


Everything's fine, I got Beta 1 installed (presumably, unfortunately Catalyst's Info section does not hold a string saying "Catalyst 13.6" or anything, just version numbers, and gosh... why else would I open CCC Info section for if not to check the package version? Yes, the API version numbers are nice, but a simple string saying "Catalyst 13.6 Beta 1" would be a lot more informative to the casual end user. (Yes, I refuse to dive into the release notes of the drivers, and make the version number checks by hand) Beta 1 >> Beta 2. Sounds easy enough. Not. Beta 2 installer fails to install HDMI Audio and Display Driver that same way. Hoorray! (Plus, I have no idea why CCC fails to mention OpenCL runtime version, if it is so obsessed with version numbers. Maybe because that one at least would interest me, whether runtime changes have occured since the last driver or not.)

I attached system info reported by CodeXL standalone app, and a screenshot of clinfo.exe, CCC system info and CodeXL seeing no platforms.