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    AMD 5800k GPU Driver stopped responding in full size window on videos.


      So i've built a budget computer around the amd 5800k 7660D and i've only used it for about three days in and i notice that every time i full screen any video it would just go black screen and no sounds, later on it'll just crash the whole browser. And it'll tell me my amd driver stopped responding why is that ? i can play it on small and medium size window on youtube just not full size, Any help here ?


      I run

      amd a10 5800k with a coolermaster cpu fan 212

      Asus mother board

      kingston 2x4 8gb ram

      hdd 500gb from wester digital blue

      Window 7 64bit

      thermaltake 500w power supply

      Zalman case that came with three fans