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AMD App SDK Windows 7 64 bit

Question asked by klassm on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by munsingh



I downloaded the AMD App SDK from here. However, when trying to install the binary, I get a nice little error message, telling me that the AMD SDK 64 bit version is not compatible with my 64 bit computer. The installer tells me to look up within the system control panel whether I really have got a 64 bit version of Windows. I do have a 64 bit version installed - still the error message. Even re-downloading the binary did not change that behaviour. Does this have something to do with me having an NVIDIA graphics card installed? The installed processor is an Intel i7-2600. I know, this is not AMD hardware - but shouldn't the driver work on every hardware, as long as it is OpenCL compatible?





Edit: For your information - when using 7-zip to "unzip" the exe file, it is possible to successfully install the sdk using the included msi package. The installer is broken.