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Question about ADL SDK and HD7000 series

Question asked by darkhmz on Jul 8, 2013



Recently i've bought an HD7870 (Tahiti LE) card and trying to lower its power consumption & temperature by decreasing core voltage. Imo the stock voltage is too high for these cards (1256mV), mine only needs 1025mV for stock (975Mhz) clock, thats why im trying. Core temperature dropped by ~10C, not to mention power consumption... At the moment im using 3rd party applications, but they work only if im using constant voltage, and i dont really like this option. For my HD5830 i wrote a small application that could set clocks/voltages for different powerplay states, but this app no longer works with my new card. Ive tried to get it working with ADL SDK 4.0 and 5.0, without success. So my question is, is it possible to change clocks/voltages for HD7000 cards using ADL SDK?