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unable to install CodeAnalyzer on Ubuntu 12.04 without legacy Qt3 lib libqt3-mt

Question asked by websnake on Jul 1, 2013

I'm installing the Open64 compiler suite partly to just get the AMD APPML libs for use with OpenCL but partly to actually use the compiler suite to compile c++ programs using OpenCL.

The rest of the suite seems to have installed OK except the CodeAnalyzer has a dependency for libtqt3-mt. Qt3 is very old and Ubuntu 12 doesn't even have it in its repositories anymore. I'm also going to be using Qt4 and I don't want Qt3 to interfere with that installation at all ( not sure if this would happen or not ). I'm not sure if the libqt3-mt is used for a legacy GUI for the CodeAnalyzer or if its needed for multi-threading capability. I'm strongly favoring not installing the code analyzer but since I don't know what it does its hard to be sure thats the right thing to do. Is it an optional convenience utility added to the main compiler suite or is it necessary in a typical compilation workflow? 

If there is an easy solution to getting the libqt3-mt module along with all its Qt3 dependencies without messing up my Qt4 installation that would be appreciated too.