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CodeXL changed the working directory

Question asked by swoop on Jun 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by swoop

I had the latest CodeXL installed and was stepping through an OpenCL kernel, when I stopped debugging with CodeXL I attempted to launch the application through Visual Studios (2010) debug menu and the application could no longer find the dlls the application required (lib png) that sit in my working directory I have set in the visual studio project settings.

The working directory entry in the project settings still pointed to the correct working directory for my project, but only after I uninstalled CodeXL completely was I able to return to using Visual Studio Debugging. I dont remember making or allowing any changes to be made to the working directory, so I can only assume CodeXL does this on its own.

Is there a setting to stop this or did I miss something, or is it a bug?