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    CodeXL changed the working directory


      I had the latest CodeXL installed and was stepping through an OpenCL kernel, when I stopped debugging with CodeXL I attempted to launch the application through Visual Studios (2010) debug menu and the application could no longer find the dlls the application required (lib png) that sit in my working directory I have set in the visual studio project settings.

      The working directory entry in the project settings still pointed to the correct working directory for my project, but only after I uninstalled CodeXL completely was I able to return to using Visual Studio Debugging. I dont remember making or allowing any changes to be made to the working directory, so I can only assume CodeXL does this on its own.

      Is there a setting to stop this or did I miss something, or is it a bug?

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          Thank you for this report.

          I could not reproduce this issue with CodeXL v1.2 (released Jul-9). Can you try it with CodeXL v1.2?

          If the problem persists - it would appear to be a bug. Can you share more information about your system: What version of Visual Studio 2010 are you using? Is your app 32 or 64 bit? Can you reproduce the problem with a sample project that you can share with us?

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              Im sorry I must have lost track of this thread, but this issue seems to still exist in the latest CodeXL pretty much exactly as it was when I first posted nearly a year ago. If it is my fault I have a hard time figuring out what it is that I did. So Im going to explain it in point form and avoid anything unnecessary.


              - I have a visual studio (VS) 2010 solution containing two 32bit projects (only working on 1 right now) on windows 7 ult x64

              - the project runs from a VS intermediate sub directory (../Debug/)

              - In Project Properties ->Cong. Prop. -> Debugging -> Working Directory: I have a full dir path to my programs working directory (E:\dir\dir\etc)

              - this working directory contains dlls needed by my program (wxwidgets dlls, lib png, etc)

              - I can debug using visual studios debugger

              - I have CodeXL 1.3.4905.0 installed (it was auto updated to get to this version by the reminder CodeXL launches when VS launches, although the last time I had this problem I dont believe there was auto update functionality so probably unrelated)

              - Prior to using CodeXL to debug I am able to use visual studio to debug, after running the CodeXL debugger I get missing dll messages from that point onward when trying to debug using VS Debug menu

              - To correct the problem and return to using the VS specified working directory (mentioned above) I must uninstall CodeXL


              I have made no attempt to customize the CodeXL configuration, its a default install, so Im not sure whats going on. Although I looked for a CodeXL setting relating to working directory I did not see anything relating to it.



              Found this

              CodeXL ignores path

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                  Hi swoop,

                  Thanks for checking back on this.

                  This has been confirmed to be an issue with CodeXL 1.3 VS Extension, and will be fixed in the upcoming CodeXL release.

                  The disruption of the Visual Studio debugger's working directory settings occurs only after a CodeXL debug session has been performed. Closing and rerunning Visual Studio clears the disruption.

                  Workaround: If you run a CodeXL debug session (Shift+Alt+F5) and would like to run a regular VS debug session, you need to close and rerun Visual Studio to clear the VS debugger of the disrupted working directory.

                  Please let me know if this workaround helps you, and of course this will be fixed in CodeXL 1.4 (coming soon...)