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    Is there a way to clear/restart GPU using OpenCL or SDK ?


      My OpenCL application crashes once in a while. The screen freezes for around a minute, and then there is a message that the GPU driver recovered from a crash. The computer continues to function well without rebooting, however my application is frozen forever.


      I've tried to detect the crashing cause for 3 weeks and I suspect it is driver related, since replacing the driver changed the crashing frequency from every two minutes to around 30 minutes without crashing. I will further try to detect the cause of the problem, but in any case I do wish to have a way to bypass the problem.


      I wish to do the followings from my application (OpenCL / C++ SDK) and not by using an external application:

      1. Be able to detect a situation in which the GPU is inactive/crashed, and detect whenever it has recovered.

      2. Be able to reset/clear the GPU from software.

      3. Get a GPU crash dump file with the reasons for crashing.


      Any ideas ?