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Register spilling problem

Question asked by cocular on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by himanshu.gautam
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OpenCL Compile Error: Compiling for device: Turks

Warning: expand kernel has register spilling. Lower performance is expected.

========== Build: 1 of 1 succeeded ==========

This is AMD APP KernelAnalzer2 gives.  So do I have register spilled?

But the statistics gives:


Device    ScratchRegs    ThreadsPerWorkGroup    WavefrontSize    MaxLDSSize    LDSSize    MaxSGPRs    SGPRs    MaxVGPRs    VGPRs    ReqdWorkGroupX    ReqdWorkGroupY    ReqdWorkGroupZ
Turks    0        0            64        32768        188    N/A        N/A    248        15    0        0        0

Since I don't think my VGPRs is more than MaxVGPRs.  Why kernel has register spilling?