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    Can't install SDK


      Trying to install 2.8 in Windows 7.  Everything fails.  No helpful messages.


      I tried C:\AMD\Support\streamsdk_v2_8_win64\setup.exe "Run as admin"


      Catalyst driver version

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          Windows Event logs shows: Product: AMD APP CPU SDK Runtime -- Error 1324.The path My Documents contains an invalid character.

          Followed by Product: AMD APP CPU SDK Runtime -- Error 1325.Favorites is not a valid short file name.


          These are pointing to network drive.  I had to repoint both to c:\temp.  This is not that uncommon in terms of system configuration.  It's a pretty crappy installer that can't deal with this.  Please fix!


          I don't even want this stuff in my documents anyway.  That's not where I keep my libs.