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clAmdBlas dimensions for transposed matrices

Question asked by bulibuta on Jun 25, 2013
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I decided to revisit clAmdBlas and while re-reading the docs I got a little confused in regards to dimensions.


Let's take clAmdBlasDgemmEx() as an example and the following usecase: C <- A'B


Now, the documentation keeps referring to the dimensions of matrix A. But Matrix A has been transposed.

So which matrix A is the real matrix A? A or A'?


I thought it would be A, but then argument K's description threw me off:

"Number of columns in matrix A and rows in matrix B."


This is clearly written for the no transpose case. Then the leading dimension bits confuse things even more, as they change their meaning depending on transposing or not. So that leads me to believe that I need to account for matrix A' not matrix A. Which is it?


Could you give me a simple call example for A(m, n), B(m, p) and C(n, p) for C <- 1 * A' * B + 0 * C.