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amd radeon hd 6570 dual screen HELP!

Question asked by sinofhell on Jun 23, 2013

hell all  i have bin tryin for hours now tryin to set up a dual screen by usein my avi dvi ports but i cant detect the 2nd moniter witch is pug in to the dvi port, both moniters work in the avi port and i event tryed both wires as well so i know they both work, i know my a way around a comper but i dont know too much bout the teck so i dont know if next bin info has anything to do with what i need help for >> , i do see on device manager that PCI serial port and the PCI simple Communications Controller Unknowen i tryed to update drivers and they still wont install


im running windows 7 with all updates

on a dell optiplex755 4gb

amd radeon hd 6570


any help would be great and im sorry if my spelling isnt too good


thank u dan