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How to execute kernel for minutes or more without watchdog ?

Question asked by twintip31 on Jun 11, 2013
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My current project is running fine searching (brute force mode ...) original ASCII message giving a given MD5 hash (sort of Johntheripper OpenCL version with MD5 hash)


Currently I am able to find any 5 character "password" in less than 10s with my HD7950 (with a particular restriction on values range to speed up finding and to match reality ...) however Kernel occupancy is not at 100% so maybe the time execution can be reduced ...


However if I want to extend my search on more digits by running more kernels and run them for a longer time, I am quickly encountering a black screen in Windows 7, at around 12s-15s ....


Is it possible to bypass this watchdog from Windows configuration or from programming side ?