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    W600 CCC bezel compensation tool



      I have installed 2 W600 graphic cards in the same PC W7-64 computer,I'm using 10 x 27'' FHD screens.

      I have setup 2 display groups, 1 of 2*2 screens and  1 of 2*3 screens.

      All is working well, even if Catalyst Pro Control Center seems to freeze after each command.

      I meet problems with bezel compensation :

      Graphic interface to set up is not very accurate, and you don't know what exact value is set.

      Sometime graphic interface is not correctly display and setup is impossible.


      Questions :

      - Is it existing a other soft to adjust bezel compensation ?

      - Can we modify directly some register keys to do that? (there are some interesting values in \HCU\Software\ATI\hydravision\multidesk...)

      Thanks for your advices and help.