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    AMD OpenGL ES 3.0 SDK



      AMD please provide an updated OpenGL ES SDK supporting GL ES 3.0!

      seems now ogl on amd supports ARB_es3_compat extensions which effectively supports opengl es 3.0..

      I assume amd needs to expose extended EGL context create function APIs for allowing creation of ES 3.0 contexts..



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          Actually, it's not that simple. Our OpenGL ES implementation is a true, native implementation that has a completely separate code path through the driver. It is not just a profile of the desktop driver with a bunch of extra error checking. The plus side is that OpenGL ES applications should run faster, use less memory and so on. The down side is that we essentially have to re-implement all the OpenGL ES 3.0 features to move the implementation forward. That work will eventually happen, but it's not scheduled at this point.