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    Brutal Legends crashs with Cat 13.4 and HD5850


      First of all, I can confirm the corrupted menus problem that is described here: http://devgurus.amd.com/thread/166553

      I have also experienced this corruption sometimes in in-game menus (when the guardian of metal lets you choose some upgrades).


      More annoying is the crash that I had twice now on different places on the Brütal Legends map. For no reason the screen goes dark (the last time there were dark grey vertical lines all over the screen). The sound keeps playing for some seconds, then the keyboard LEDs stop responding and the computer is frozen.


      Here is my Xorg.0.log



      Here are my system infos.



      Please tell me if you need more information to fix the problem.




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          After some more days, I can say that Brutal Legends crashs while I'm playing after 5 to 20 minutes.

          The last time, the screen turned black and music just kept playing. The monitor tried to sync (no signal), the keyboard did not respond (LEDs could not be switched) and the GPU fan turned up the speed (loud).


          This is the corresponding Xorg.0.log



          /var/log/messages just has a bunch of those in it.


          2013-06-10T20:37:11.024258+02:00 musashi rsyslogd: -- MARK --

          2013-06-10T20:41:54.531459+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 3888.806854] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:41:54.534464+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 3888.810073] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:41:54.537456+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 3888.812552] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:42:05.404459+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 3899.673960] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:42:05.405453+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 3899.675101] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:42:05.410458+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 3899.679243] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:57:07.734461+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 4801.484713] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:57:07.735451+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 4801.485847] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T20:57:07.738471+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 4801.488806] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:19:48.097487+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6161.060311] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:19:48.098479+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6161.061641] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:19:48.099481+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6161.062714] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:19:50.001471+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6162.963537] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:19:50.002462+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6162.964595] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:19:50.005455+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6162.967549] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:20:14.255466+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6187.203558] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:20:14.256490+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6187.204628] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:20:14.258463+02:00 musashi kernel: [ 6187.206899] <3>[fglrx:firegl_apl_loadDatabase] *ERROR* APL: apl initialize fail.

          2013-06-10T21:54:09.122604+02:00 musashi rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="7.2.7" x-pid="746" x-info="http://www.rsyslog.com"] start

          2013-06-10T21:54:09.122615+02:00 musashi systemd[1]: Started LSB: Set default boot entry if called.

          2013-06-10T21:54:09.122671+02:00 musashi systemd[1]: Started Create dynamic rule for /dev/root link.

          2013-06-10T21:54:09.122674+02:00 musashi systemd[1]: Started Load Kernel Modules.

          ... system restart

            • Re: Brutal Legends crashs with Cat 13.4 and HD5850

              So, here is what I found over the last months.


              Problem 1:

              The energy management / screen saver (in my case powerdevil from KDE) sometimes just switches off the screen. I have no idea how powerdevil could assume that it is time to switch off the screen - while I'm playing??? The good thing: after disabling the KDE energy management this problem went away. The bad things: I'm not sure if Catalyst should refuse to switch off the screen in some situations, but... This phenomena (power management switching off the screen while the computer is being used) seems also to happen to other people with different AMD GPUs using Cat driver (one E-350 system in the phoronix forum had some similar problems without playing a game on it).


              Problem 2:

              My 5850 seems to have been overheating while playing Brutal Legend.

              I read some hints from Linux Catalyst users that play BL in the Steam forum. They underclocked their AMD GPUs to get the game run stable. Instead I used AMDOverdriveCtrl to set my GPU fans to 100%. Only then I could finish the "sea of black tears" mission. WIth the auto fan setting my not overclocked GPU would start producing visual artifacts or the game would freeze (not with a black screen, but with the current screen content).


              Since Cat 13.8 beta1 the menu corruption has been fixed for me. And I finished the main missions of the game :-) It was fun.