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opencl fails while using hd2600

Question asked by stealthplayer on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by pinform


I am quite new to opencl. Lately I tried to play arround with opencl and python using pyopencl.

For some reason when i call get_platforms() the shell restarts.

i tried many things and nothing worked until i removedmy hd2600 from the system, and then i could get my x4 and my hd5770, but as soon as I got it in the system again everything stoped working...


is there any workaround for the problem?

i dont need to use the hd2600, i only use it for 2 additional displays


my setup:

Athlon II X4 640

MSI 870A-g54

Sapphire hd5770

sapphire hd2600


Windows 7 x64

Cat 13.5 beta (also tried with 13.4)

Cat legacy 13.4 beta (also tried with 13.1)


just say if any more info needed