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OpenCL elf kernel binary

Question asked by rixor on May 24, 2013


I tried doing cat <kernel binary>, and I could see, AMDIL instruction set, however AMD isa was machine coded.

Now, I can replace AMDIL part, with manually modified another IL code. and it worked. I think it can be done for .ISA similarly,

though I've not figured it out yet.


Now my question is, how this .elf file is treated. Suppose If make inconsistent updates, in both amd isa and il part of elf, will .isa update will actually determine kernel behaviour, or .il. Or is there order of things, like isa takes preference over .il.

Also from some posts, I get the idea that  the machine coded section is .elf file itself, so are .amdil and .isa are both encoded here, and if yes, then how will this dilemma will be resolved.


I'm currently working on GCN architecture.