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Assistance with problem related to cl_khr_gl_sharing

Question asked by moozoo on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by himanshu.gautam

I am the author of an opencl solar system simulation which I recently open sourced


A video of it running on nvidia hardware is here


The program is not working with AMD opencl gpu devices.

It does appear to be working with the amd opencl cpu driver and the amd opengl

I only have access to Intel and Nvidia devices as well as the amd opencl cpu driver.


Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated.


I believe the problem is related to cl_khr_gl_sharing

The opencl kernels appear to be executing but the opengl display is not updating.


The program is developed using Codelite, wxWidgets and mingw with a view to porting to Mac OSX and Linux


There is a discussion of the problem here


These combinations work as far as I know

Nvida GPU opencl + Nvidia opengl

Intel CPU opencl + Nvidia opengl

AMD CPU opencl + Nvidia opengl

Intel CPU opencl + Intel HD3000 opengl

AMD CPU opencl + Intel HD3000 opengl

AMD CPU opencl + AMD opengl



AMD GPU opencl + AMD opengl

is not working (the one I want to work the most because of AMD's fp64 performance)


ps when I say AMD CPU opencl I mean AMD's CPU opencl driver not that its running on an AMD cpu