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    catalyst 13.4 causes system-freeze (segmentation fault)


      Hi there,


      I'm on Arch Linux 64bit with catalyst 13.3 (from Vi0L0's repository) and xorg 1.13.4.

      With that configuration all is fine and very stable (thanks for that ).
      However, if i want to update to the latest catalyst 13.4 drivers, the x-server,

      which of course stays on 1.13.4, won't start anymore and my system freezes.

      The xorg logfile gives following output:


      [   407.324] (EE) Segmentation fault at address 0x890

      [   407.324] Fatal server error:

      [   407.324] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting


      Here is the complete Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/Lbx6i1mz

      After a downgrade to 13.3 all is fine again.

      My Hardware:     Acer Aspire 5820G
                               ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 (Up to 2715MB HyperMemory)
                               Intel Core i5 processor 430M
                               8GB RAM


      Now, is there anything i can do to get this fixed?


      Thank you very much in advance,


      EDIT:       Just tried out the new catalyst 13.6 beta.
                     I testet it again with Vi0L0's repository and the official catalyst-installer.

                     Installation goes fine but i get exactly the same error.
                     Also tried it with a fresh and clean arch installation - no luck.

        • Re: catalyst 13.4 causes system-freeze (segmentation fault)

          I am also currently having issues.But different system.I am getting low performance but it is more easy for me to explain this in detail.


          MSI 870A Fuzion Power Edition

          AMD 1100t B.E.

          Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600

          (Main)HIS HD 6870 ICEQ

          (Support) MSI GTX 560

          Lucid Hydralogix (Xmode)


          I was running some test.I have from a long time hated your drivers because they provided no performance boost.They have constantly hindered my systems performance.Each update slowed down performance.

          Example:Skyrim X Mode fps was 160fps using Catalyst driver 11.9.

          Now mind you this could be a lot of things.This is a Steam Download.They could have uploaded changes(Which they did)This could be MSI's Live Updater.That could also be the cause but these things happen when i update to the latest driver all the time.


          Steam added a hidden Vsync to the game causing me to only get 60fps i spent almost a year trying to figure out how to disable it.In the mean time I tried compression files an many other tricks to increase frames per second.

          I think ran into issues on 3DMark PassMark website.The more changes i made the slower performance was.FutureMarks readings even when using my older combination showed drastic reductions in performance. I know i should have massive speeds.I did not.


          Now the thing is i finally removed the VSync from my game so i can get specific play thru but I of course ran more test.I Ran Skyrim using just my main card the 6870 i was getting on my benchmark in Skyrim from the entrance from Dawnguard to the exit a average of 86 fps to 115fps.Not bad right.OK Mind you according to Windows Experience Index

          My everything used to be 7.9.Except my graphics cards at 7.8.I had not overclocked my system it was dropping FAST from 7.9 to 7.5 in less than months.


          My graphics cards stayed the same.I have had since 12.1 Overheating problems.Constant overheating.12.1 an i think 11.12 completely  changes the power settings setting system performance to 100% on everything.Even power saving mode is set to 100% when it should be 25%causing the CPU fan to spin out of control.This is why i hated the drivers from catalyst.This was found in 12.1 all the way into 13.1 I do not know for sure but i think 13.4 also sets even power saver mode to use all the power of the system an cause massive power drains.


          This has lead me to believe this cause my processor to degrade.From 7.9 to 7.5.Because i only used 13.1 for 2 months trying to get performance boost which i did not find any.


          So my current reading with this was with the HD 6870 it was 7.8 But my performance was 86 to 115fps so i took out that.An put in my N560GTX M2digd5 an ran test with that.I am getting 145fps average an up to 189fps mind average.By the end of the run looking up with the 6870 i get 199fps.But on the 560 im getting 256fps.Now note this.


          The GTX560 when running skyrim could only preform at 120fps when the HD 6870 was preforming at 168 average outside of towns.Why is my 560 now massively outdoing my ATI card?An why is my HD 6870 preforming at only 78 to 98fps outside of towns?


          I would say I have been hacked.Or.Either Steam or MSI have changed the programing.So in games it only preform well with Nvidia cards an are set to slow down performance for AMD an ATI cards.Because I know perfectly well my HD 6870 completely out did my Geforce card.An as for my processor.if it realy is degrading in performance.Then why is my Geforce card crushing my ATI card an at the same time I see stutters an low performance from my ATI card.I can tell something is slowing it down because my card WANTS to go faster.But something in the programing is stopping it.Blocking it.I need a investigation on this.My processor cannot be preforming that bad.


          I honestly believe my system has been sabotaged.I have completely formatted my SSD Kingston 3K so you know.An reinstalled everything basic.Performance is as stated.Can someone please help.Also to disable the hidden VSync it is this.


          :\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini




          I got that an ran my test.Please check on this.Whatever they changed i need a fix in a driver update.Removing any an all hacks an blocking updates that change this.Of course this could be related to the repeated installs i get of your Microsoft C++.Which i might also ask why do you keep adding that when i know perfectly well it is not necessary to run Catalyst.Is that what is causing my performance an degridation of my processor?