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is Amd going to provide proper linux drivers?

Question asked by okoyl on May 16, 2013

Before i got my current HD5450, i Had an Nvidia Geforce 8500GT, which died, but it was well supported everywhere. worked on linux flawlessly. and i loved it, but then i bought HD5450, and I was unaware of all of these trouble ahead.. for example slow working 2D acceleration. which doesn't occur in the radeon driver. I'm really disappointed by that, it forces me to use windows, which is not something I want to use. I even noticed really old discussion about fglrx from 2007 complaining about lack of Xrender acceleration, what i don't understand is how the community makes these drivers work better than AMD?

Also, now it looks like there are a lot of complaints about an ongoing issue of "Source Input Lags" within Valve's Source games, which appears to be fglrx issue.

Tell me now if i should switch back to nvidia, or wait..?