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Hardware acceleration manager

Question asked by squ on May 15, 2013
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Someone from tech suport directed me here. Conversation:


Intel released "Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager" (HAXM) which helps running android emulator. Is there something like that from AMD for my configuration?

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I understand that Intel has released an Intel hardware accelerated execution manager. You would like to know if AMD has anything like this. If I have missed any critical information please let me know as my suggestions may change.


There is no Hardware acceleration manager provided by AMD. In most cases the application itself would have this option to enable or disable hardware acceleration.

There is only one processor which supports android emulator acceleration.  As stated by website, they have hundres of millions devices. It means you loose a lot of clients, of course it is not a problem if your business is going well, but emulator without acceleration (that is: with AMD CPU) is not usable at all --- its click latency is 2 seconds.

Anyways, as far as I understand, modern AMD processors support all this stuff. So you can cheat intel software to detect necessary feature support and proceed with service install. And you don't have to write your own software.

An error message from installer: "This computer does not support Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x)" although AMD has Virtualization feature.

Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200544680]} has been reviewed and updated.

Thank you for this feedback. If you would like further questions answered and to voice your opinions to this. I think the best place to do this is within the AMD developer forums. Reason why I’m directing you to this is because this is only tech support and the developer forums would be the ideal section to discuss about software.