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OpenGL Compute Shader 13.4 Driver Crash/Restart Win7 64bit

Question asked by yours3lf on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2013 by maizensh

Hi there,


I've been trying to get OpenGL compute shaders to work using the new driver.

I got mixed results: while I could run an application that writes to a Texture Buffer Object, I get a driver crash/restart when I try to run an application that writes to a simple Texture. I didn't find any clue regarding this in the OpenGL specifications, so this should probably work fine.


here's the app:


Putting a glFinish() after calling glDispatchCompute solved the driver crash, but I still don't get anything on screen. I can render the texture fine when not using compute shaders.

I suspect this might be a syncronization issue in the driver, meaning the compute shader tries to write to the texture, and the next shader tries to read from it at the same time.


Please take a look at this issue.


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