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Quad Buffer in D3D9Ex vs PresentStats

Question asked by chura on May 9, 2013



We have tried to implement steroscopic rendering in d3d9Ex, but seems it cannot work together with Ex's present stats:

- QuadBuffer's PDF says d3dPresentParams.MultiSampleType must be 2 and more (otherwise driver/hardware hangs can occur)

- d3dPresentParams.MultiSampleType works only with D3DSWAPEFFECT_DISCARD

- D3DSWAPEFFECT_FLIPEX is required to be able to get PresentStats in windowed mode

PresentStats are essential because of frame-accurate video rendering


Also, it seems to be impossible to display stereoscopic content in window on AMD/ATI cards. I've been thinking that then maybe the stereo can be disabled when switching to windowed mode, but seems that even after multiple d3dDev->reset() the driver remembers the 'stereo enabled' flag, and there is no ATI_STEREO_DISABLESTEREO, is there?


Can anybody suggest any workaround?