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compiler bug???

Question asked by yanivk on May 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by yanivk

here is a code example that put the runtime compiler in an infinite loop


typedef struct my_struct


          unsigned char x;

          unsigned char y;




__kernel void try_this(__global my_struct *pStruct)


          my_struct a;

          int i;

          a = pStruct[1];

          i = a.x * a.y;

          printf("%d",i );




the driver version appearing in clinfo is 923.1 , i have tried compiling on Radeon 7660D

it seems the structure copy is the problem , when changing x and y to int it works fine


the printf is there only to prevent the compiler from ignoring the i calculation, it can be replaced with some output update


can some verify this on the latest drivers or offer a solution ?