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OpenCL on windows: Basics

Question asked by meenakrish on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by himanshu.gautam

i have worked only with C till date , so my programming scope is very narrow. for my project i need to work on openCl.

i know this is a very basic question... but i have been at it for a week now and still i have no clue as to what is to be done

i've tried a lot of forums n books... but they were of no help coz similar questions were unanswered

please help me.


this is where i stand,


1. downloaded the AMD APP SDK V.2.8

2. installed visual studio 2012 (i've never worked with VS)

3. little knowledge of how an openCL program is structured

4. installed codexl


this is what i need to know


1. i compile host/c++ using visual studio and cl/kernel using kernelanalyzer.. is this right?


2. how do i run them together?


3. codexl requires an .exe to profile... how do i create an executable from the host n kernel i have?


P.S: im using the samples from amp app sdk