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Multi-Threaded Programs

Question asked by kernl on May 3, 2013
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I am currently developing a multi-threaded, multi-GPU (also using multiple contexts) application, using C++.

When I try to run CodeXL in a profile mode I get the following error:


"Unable to gather profile data. This error can occur for one of several reasons:

- The active project is not an OpenCL or a DirectCompute program.

- The active project is an OpenCL program, but it did not make any "enqueue" calls.

- The active project does not compile or run properly (try running it manually).

- You do not have write access to the profile output directory."


All of the enqueue calls are made from child threads and the program does run correctly manually.

Does CodeXL support threaded application?


Currently testing with: Phenom II 965 Black-Edition; AMD Radeon HD 6770; Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit with functioning drivers (9.1 and OpenCL 1.2, 1113.2).