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Eyefinity Display Group Status - Extended to Clone

Question asked by dipika on May 2, 2013

I want to enable eyefinity. So first I am trying to change the display group mode from extended to duplicate. First I am using  ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Get function to get Display targets and display map and then I am modifying iDisplayMapValue of DisplayMap to ADL_DISPLAY_DISPLAYMAP_MANNER_CLONE. Following is the code snippet showing how I am trying to achieve this


     if (ADL_OK != ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Get( lpAdapterInfo[iCurrentAdapter].iAdapterIndex,

                                                                             &iNumDisplayMap, &lpDisplayMap, 

                                                                             &iNumDisplayTarget, &lpDisplayTarget,

                                                                             ADL_DISPLAY_DISPLAYMAP_OPTION_GPUINFO ) )


                                   PRINTF("ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Get() failed\n");

                                   iReturnValue = FALSE;




   lpDisplayMap->iDisplayMapValue = ADL_DISPLAY_DISPLAYMAP_MANNER_CLONE;

  if(ADL_OK !=  ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Set(          lpAdapterInfo[iCurrentAdapter].iAdapterIndex,




                                                                                   lpDisplayTarget           ))


            PRINTF("ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Set Cloning Desktops failed\n");



I am not getting what I am doing wrong? Seeking for suggestions.