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AMD Radion Mobility 5870 low level details

Question asked by mordock2012 on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by himanshu.gautam

I am looking for the lowest level hardware details that I  can get for some GPGPU research that I am doing.
I have seen the specs for the hardware and I'd like to know more than they tell me.
For instance:
How much register file is available per compute unit? I've read this to be 256KB for the desktop version of the 5870. Is it the same for the laptop version.
How many compute units (SIMD engines) in the Mobility version of the GPU.
How much OpenCL local memory per compute unit on the laptop version of the card.
What are the proper names for a "core". I have heard the terms Threading  Processor, Multiprocessor, and Streaming core all applied to AMD  technology. Which is it?
The 5 processing elements inside a "core". What is their official name.  The research that I have read is inconsistent in the naming.
Lastly, your engines are touted as "SIMD" but branching within  OpenCL code is possible. What occurs during a branch in OpenCL? If a  branch occurs in the code, is SIMD no longer used?
Providing detail or the location of any of these details would be fantastic.

Thank you,

Coby Soss