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Something troubles me amd is the theme of OpenCL regarding the renders?

Question asked by cusa123 on Apr 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by cusa123

Hey I noticed that amd is focusing not like nvidia regarding engine renders the 3D only solution is Luxrenders-smallluxgpu "not quite advanced engines or developed with great potential" and a few others.
But Nvidia has cycles, octane .... ect.
It would not be good time amd ponerce batteries in a render engine to at least give something 3d users to be much to the side of nvidia NOT ALL GAMES.



Me eh dado cuenta de que amd no se esta enfocando como nvidia con respecto a motores de renders la unica solucion en 3d es Luxrenders-smallluxgpu " motores no del todo avanzados o desarrollados con mucho potencial" y alguno que otro.
Pero Nvidia tiene cycles,octane.... ect.
No seria buen momento de amd ponerce las pilas en un motor de render por lo menos a dar algo a los usuarios de 3d que se van mucho para el lado de nvidia NO TODO ES JUEGOS.