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    OpenCL Console Mode Support in Catalyst 13.4


      In release notes it is stated OpenCL Console Mode Support. Does it mean OpenCL without Xserver?

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          yes. It works only with root privileges.

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            Looks as something similar has been added to the Windows Catalyst 13.4 driver too, but it's not mentioned in the Release Notes,


            My Computer has a Nvidia GTX460 as it's primary GPU and has a monitor connected to it, and a HD7770 as my 2nd GPU and doesn't have a connected monitor,

            With Catalyst drivers 13.3 and earlier, i had the desktop extended onto the HD7770 so i could run CAL & OpenCL apps

            by using the windows screen resolution screen, Detecting the GPU outputs, then forcing the HD7770 to use a VGA output,

            But when i installed Cat 13.4 the desktop (on the GTX460) reset to 640*480, that was easily corrected,

            But now the windows screen resolution screen won't detect the HD7770, so i can't extend the desktop,

            which leads to the following Bug:


            The Catalyst Control Centre performance tab isn't there, so i can't adjust the clocks, or more importantly the fan speed,

            External hardware monitoring tools now don't report anything (CPUID Hardware Monitor and SIV), or only GPU load and memory usage (GPU-Z 0.7.0), no temps, clock speeds, fan speeds, etc,

            OpenCL and CAL supports is still available through, and the HD7770 is still crunching fine, but it's worrying to not know the temps and fan speeds.

            (This is similar, but opposite, to the Nvidia 295.xx/296.xx sleeping monitor bug where the Cuda device became unavailable when the monitor went to sleep, hardware monitoring was unaffected)