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OpenCL for 7950 on Win XP

Question asked by snoot on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by realhet

OpenCL for 7950 on Win XP


I have an AMD Readon 7950 graphics card and the windows XP 32-bit operating system.  I would like to use OpenCL. 


I understand that an Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) SDK with OpenCL 1.2 Support is available from AMD, however the present SDKs V2.5 to v2.8 on the AMD website are not available for Windows XP operating system. 


Is there is a way to use OpenCL with the 7950 card on the Windows XP operating system? 


Perhaps Version 2.4 APP SDK may work?  if so where can I download this on the AMD website?  Does this SDK require a specific version of catalyst to install properly?