OpenCL OpenGL interop and VAO problems

Discussion created by tof29 on Apr 24, 2013
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     I'm trying to use VAO for interop between OGL and OCL on Debian 3.2.35-2 x86_64 with ATI drivers 9.012-121219a-151962C-ATI (HD 6670 card)

     First, I create two VAO objects, then use them using clCreateFromGLBuffer(...) as output buffer in OCL.


     Everything is OK as long as I'm not calling the glDrawArrays(GL_POINTS, ....).


     If I'm not calling it, the OCL output buffer is OK, and when I check the OGL buffer it is created from, I get the same data.


     If I'm calling the DrawArrays, the OCL output buffer is still OK, but the OGL buffer is never updated after the first DrawArrays, it's like the OCL and OGL buffer where unlinked after the first draw ...

     I'm using the clEnqueueAcquireGLObjects(...) and get no OCL nor OGL error at all (I check all commands).


     I check my code with an nVidia card, and I have not this problem (but others on texture use in geometry shaders ... working perfectly on ATI cards !!!! ... but this is another point ... for another forum ... ).


     Any idea ?