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hd 5750 flash movies stutter in full screen, and and screen tearing in firefox

Question asked by gps on Apr 22, 2013

AMD phenom II X4  955


HD 5750 , asus 1 gig of ram.


I had to do a fresh install of openSUSE 12.3.


Because of this I know this problem exists with the latest catalyst beta drivers 13.2 beta 3,  and with catalyst 13.1.


When i click full screen, with flash video's the movie keeps freezing for a second or so.


When reading forums, like phoronix, and scrolling a page, there is screen tearing.


This does not happen with the opensource drivers, who come with the install of openSUSE 12.3

Nor on windows.


These issues really make me sad. In now over two years, you still don't have a good linux driver for me.


I might be one of the few reporting this problems, but I am not the only one, far from that.

Because of serious sam 3, I am considering a faster vid card,


But it wont be an amd, if you guys don't care.


I do appreciate amd releasing code to have better opensource drivers.

But I am running out of patience, why don't you fix the driver ?