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OpenCL with no X-server on Linux

Question asked by tzachi.cohen on Apr 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by yurtesen

Hi All,


I don't know if this little documented feature was discussed here before.

In case it hasn't it is worth mentioning:

Due legacy considerations the AMD OpenCL software stack was bound to graphics and users had to enable the X-server in order to enjoy compute.

This is no longer completely true!!

In recent drivers it is possible to use AMD OpenCL when the X-server is down as long as you have root privileges.

(just type 'sudo clinfo' when the X-server is down to see the list of available devices) . This feature is called "console mode".

If the X-server is up then business is as usuall, users have to define an X-display for the GPU (sudo aticonfig --initial --adapter=all) in order to use it for compute.