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6850 GPU not found

Question asked by bostontrader on Apr 13, 2013

Hello.  I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, ADM APP SDK 2.5, with a 6850 video card.  I've been able to compile the samples that come with SDK 2.5 but none of the samples can find my GPU.  A typical error message, coming from the SobelFilter example, is "GPU not found.".  I've done all sorts of things to install various editions of the SDK as well as various versions of the proprietary Catalyst drivers from AMD, none of which has made my elusive GPU visible.  Since poking at it with a stick in this manner is not succeeding, it's time to figure this out.


Two questions in my mind about this:


1. The card itself is working just fine running my monitor.  Might it be that because I'm using the card in the ordinary way, that the GPU is therefore unavailable?


2. Has anybody ever heard of counterfeit cards?  Maybe the ordinary graphics is easy enough to fake but some elements of the GPU are harder to fake and are thus not available on counterfiet cards?


Any thoughts on how to proceed with debugging this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for any insight.