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Driver bug? Texture Array with layer count > 2048 not working

Question asked by naurruan on Apr 8, 2013



I am trying to solve a serious problem with my OpenGL application, or, possibly, a driver bug.

I want to create a texture array with 6000+ layers and GL_MAX_ARRAY_TEXTURE_LAYERS returns 8192, so in theory, this should work. but all layers after the 2048th are empty (windows) or filled with garbage (linux, sometimes garbage, sometimes images from other running programs).

Attached is a small example.

I tried a lot of stuff, with/without mipmaps, glTexStorage/glTexImage, small indiviual layer size..., but it won't work.

My nvidia card supports only 2048 layers, so I cannot have a go with that one.



AMD Phenom X2 955

AMD HD 5770


Windows 7 x64 Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 / Fedora 17 x64

Catalyst 13.1/13.3 beta


So, I hope not to much information is missing.

Any ideas what's wrong?